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2014 XV Crosstrek Hybrid: Things to Remember

The hybrid system uses a high voltage (100V or more).  Always observe the following precautions.  Otherwise, burns or electric shock could occur, resulting in serious injury or death.

  • When inspection or repair is needed, always have it performed by your SUBARU dealer.
  • Never touch, remove or disassemble the high voltage parts, high voltage cable (orange) or their connectors.
  • Never touch the service disconnect plug (pictured below).  The service disconnect plug is used to cut off the voltage of the high voltage battery when the vehicle is inspected or serviced by a SUBARU dealer.
  • Do not cover the high voltage battery air intake (located on the left next to the rear seat - pictured below) with luggage or clothes.  Do not pour water or other substances in there.  Doing so may result in overheating or malfunctioning of the high voltage battery.
  • In order to ensure waterproofing, be sure to install the cargo area flooring.  Ensure that large amounts of water do not enter the cargo area.  Doing so may result in malfunction of the hybrid system.


High voltage area location
under silver panel
(Caution: DO NOT ACCESS)

WARNING: Observe the following precautions.  Otherwise serious injury (e.g., burns or electric shock) or death may occur.

  • Never touch the following parts
        - High Voltage Parts
        - High voltage cable (orange)
        - Electric wires exposed inside or outside the vehicle.

  • If there is liquid leaking from or coating anything, do not touch it under any circumstances.  The high voltage battery electrolyte is a strong alkali.  If the electrolyte gets in your eyes or on your skin, it could lead to serious injury.  In the event that it does get on you, immediately wash it off with a large amount of water.


1. Connect one jumper cable to the positive (+) terminal on the discharged 12V auxiliary battery.

2. Connect the other end of the jumper cable to the positive (+) terminal of the booster battery.

3. Connect one end of the other cable to the negative (-) terminal of the booster battery.

4. Connect the other end of the cable to the strut mounting nut of the vehicle with the discharged 12V auxiliary battery.

Make sure that the cables are not near any moving parts and that the cable claps are not in contact with any other metal.

5. Start the engine of the vehicle with the booster battery and run it at moderate speed.  Then start the hybrid system of the vehicle that has the discharged battery.

6. When finished, carfully disconnect the cables in exactly the reverse order.

WARNING:  Observe the following precautions.  Otherwise, any flames or sparks in the vicinity could cause an explosion since batteries emit highly flammable, explosive hydrogen gas.  Also, electric components on the hybrid system may be damaged.

  • Do not connect the jumper cable to the 12V engine restart battery.
  • Do not cross connect the 12V auxiliary battery and the 12V engine restart battery in an attempt to jump start the vehicle.

This grill location behind the front bumper fascia is a dynamic, and moving area.  Use caution and do not disturb the movement.


CAUTION: When replacing the battery or jump-starting, do not touch the area around the front bumper.  Also, do not put tools or cloths in this area.  If any function of the cooling system operates, it may lead to an injury or a failure of the cooling system.

After disconnecting the negative terminal from 12V auxiliary battery, disconnect the ground terminal from 12V engine restart battery sensor for 12 volt engine restart battery.


Do not stop the hybrid system when the vehicle is moving.  This will cause loss of power to the power steering and the brake booster, making steering and braking more difficult.  It could aso result in accidental activation of the "LOCK" (off) position on the ignition switch, causing the steering wheel to lock.

Depending on the state of the vehicle (for example, if there is little power remaining on the high voltage battery), the engine may automatically restart.  Be sure to depress the brake pedal while the vehicle is stationary.

No sound is emitted by the engine during the motor driving.  Therefore, there is a possibility that the surrounding people do not notice the vehicle starting and approaching.  Pay attention to your surroundings while driving.

Do not operate the starter motor continuously for more than 10 seconds.  If the engine fails to start after operating the starter for 5 to 10 seconds, wait for 10 seconds or more before trying again.

If the hybrid system is stopped during driving, the catalyst may overheat and burn.

When starting the hybrid system, be sure to sit in the driver's seat (except when using the remote engine start system).

If the hybrid READY indicator light does not illuminate even after the engine has been started, have the vehicle inspected by a SUBARU dealer.

EV mode lamp: If the engine is temporarily stopped by the system, the EV mode lamp on the combination meter will illuminate.  This indicator light will turn off when the system restarts the engine.

Vehicle approach information unit (the pedestrian alert sound system)
When driving only using the motor power (forward and reverse travelling), a sound will be made to alert people in the vicinity that the vehicle is in close proximity.  This alert system will operate when the vehicle speed is less than 15 mph (24 km/h) or less.  the pedestrian alert sound may be difficult for people in the surrounding area to hear in the following cases. 
  • The vehicle is in a noisy area.
  • The vehicle is in the rain or strong wind
It may be more difficult to hear the sound from the rear of the vehicle than from the front.


Power Status

 Indicator Color Operation


 Turned OffPower is turned off. 
The following systems can be used: audio, and accessory power outlet. 


Orange (while hybrid system is stopped)
Turned off (while hybrid system is on) 

 All electrical systems can be used.
When the push-button ignition switch is left in "ON" or "ACC" for a long time, it may result in 12V auxiliary battery discharge.

Do not spill drinks or other liquids on the push-button ignition switch.  It may cause malfunction.

Do not touch the push-button ignition switch with a hand soiled with oil or other contaminants.  It may cause malfunction.

WARNING: Never drive the vehicle if the indicator on the push-button ignition switch flashes in green after the hybrid system has started.  The steering is still locked, and it may result in an accident.